Chesterton 185 Expanded Form-in-Place Spooled Joint Sealant

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Chesterton 185
Expanded Form-In-Place PTFE Spooled Joint Sealant


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Chesterton 185 Expanded Form-In-Place Spooled Joint Sealant is 100% virgin PTFE with micro-fibrillated internal structure for excellent stability. Micro-fibrillated structure turns ordinary PTFE into a dimensionally strong, creep resistant gasket material. 185 provides a long lasting, high reliability seal with minimum re-torque requirements. 185 is soft and pliable to conform to worn or uneven surfaces. It is fastand easy to use. Lay out complex shapes fast with 185 Expanded PTFE Spooled Joint Sealant, eliminating waste from cut sheet. Self-adhesive strip holds the joint sealant in place for easy assembly in the shop or in the field.

Faster than cut rubber gaskets
Cleaner and easier than two-part, form-in-place and spray can gaskets
Adhesive backing makes it easy to secure and position gasket material
Complete inventory of gaskets on a roll reduces need for many different cut gaskets
Soft and pliable for ease of use and installation
Fume ducts, steam vessel flanges, concrete lids, manways, glass joints, ceramic joints, heat exchangers, water systems,hydraulic and pneumatic systems, fiberglass reinforced plastic vessels, pump or compressor housing flanges, or practically any other industrial equipment where you req​uire a long-life, trouble-free seal that cuts maintenance costs.
High Pressure applications
Excellent chemical resistance
Temperature Limit –270°C (–450°F) to 315°C (600°F)
Pressure Limit Full vacuum to 210 bar g (3000 psig)
Chemical ResistancepH 0 to 14 inert to all common chemicals, except molten alkali metals and metal fluorine



Installation Instructions: 185 (English) Instructions: 185 (English)pdf
SDS: 184 (English) 184 (English)pdf
SDS: 184 (Francais) 184 (Francais)pdf
SDS: 184 (Turkce) 184 (Turkce)pdf
SDS: 184 (Deutsch) 184 (Deutsch)pdf



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