Chesterton 5101 Carbon Bushing

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Chesterton 5101 Carbon Bushing
Engineered Spacer for Equipment with Stuffing Boxes


A precision-machined carbon sleeve consisting of two halves used as a spacer in valve stuffing box applications. The 99% graphite material provides strong and stable bearing support for valve stems. The sleeve is supplied in 50 mm (2.0") lengths and can be manufactured to a variety of diameters to fit most all stuffing boxes.

Chesterton 5101 Solid Carbon Bushing
Material is 99% pure graphite
Precision machined
Excellent chemical resistance​
​​Valve Stuffing Boxes ​




Installation Instructions: 5100/5101 Split Carbon Sleeves (English) Instructions: 5100/5101 Split Carbon Sleeves (English)pdf



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