Chesterton 5505L High-Performance Flange Live Loading

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Chesterton 5505L High-Performance Flange Live Loading
New Technology for Leak-Free Critical Flange Sealing



​​​​​​​​​​​The Chesterton 5505L offers improved performance in flange discs over more common flange disc materials. Manufactured from an aerospace corrosion-resistant steel used for jet engines and steam turbines, the 5505L delivers superior protection in applications where high temperature and vibration are present.

This product:

  • Compensates for a variety of c​onditions that are detrimental to reliable joint sealing by maintaining a consistent load on the equipment gasket
  • Reduces the problems associated with equipment leakage due to system upsets and increases equipment uptime
Shut-down to shut-down reliability
Significantly reduces downtime on critical equipment
Lowers emissions and meets environmental regulations
Reduces leakage and product loss
Reduces safety and housekeeping concerns
Improves plant efficiency and reduces total cost
Maintains constant compression on gasket seals
Eliminates leakage problems caused by thermal cycling, vibration, and pressure surges
High-temperature tolerance
    Heat exchangers
    ANSI/DIN pipe flanges
    Valve bonnets
    Pressure vessels
    Technical Data5505L
    MaterialsHigh strength, high temperature & corrosion resistant stainless steel alloy
    Temperature-100°C to 350°C (-148°F to 662°F)
    Corrosion Good



    Installation Instructions: 5505L Flange Bolt Discs (English) Instructions: 5505L Flange Bolt Discs (English)pdf



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