Oil & Gas

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Oil & Gas

The oil and gas industry continues to build capacity to meet demand while reducing fugitive emissions and production costs. Chesterton's valve packing program sets the standard for sealing control valves, block valves, and motor-operated valves with major refiners around the world that meet "real world", stringent emissions requirements. Our critical flange sealing solutions provide the stationary equipment solutions to operate leak-free from turnaround to turnaround.

Today's refineries face evolving health, safety, and environmental requirements which affect product specifications and require significant capital investment and attention. Chesterton works closely with major oil refineries around the world to provide expert sealing solutions for stationary equipment to meet these challenges head on.

Turn to Chesterton for:

  • High-performance valve packing solutions to ensure compliance with stringent emissions standards
  • Expertise to increase equipment efficiency, meet production goals, and increase overall profitability
  • Critical flange sealing solutions that help stationary equipment​ operate leak-free from turnaround to turnaround
  • Improved employee safety and lower maintenance costs​​

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