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Chesterton & AUG/MUG/FLGMUG

​​​Chesterton is proud of its association with the Air-Operated Valve Users Group (AUG), the Motor-Operated Valve Users Group (MUG)​, and the Fluid Leak Management Users Group (FLMUG) — organizations that provide a technical forum where plant staff, suppliers, and other interested parties can share technical information and expertise to improve safety and efficiency and increase equipment reliability. These groups also provide industry standard recommendations to key regulatory boards.


January 11-15, 2016
New Orleans Marriott Hotel
New Orleans, LA

Come see us at the meeting and be sure to check out the following Chesterton-led presentations!

Packing Workshop: Packing Selection, Installation, & Consolidation 
How to properly measure a valve, select packing, install packing, and properly tighten the packing.
Presenter: Neil Dickson, AW Chesterton Company

Packing Workshop: EPRI Packing Guide (new revision); Galvanic Corrosion & Stem Pitting
Revised packing guide, Research on gland stress force decay
Presenter: Rick Pepin, EPRI

Galvanic corrosion and stem pitting- the graphite connection
Presenter: Ron Frisard, AW Chesterton Company

Galvanic Corrosion & Stem Pitting – The Graphite Connection 
Presenter: Ron Frisard, A.W. Chesterton Company
Joint Loading Diagrams/Examining Bolted Connections  
Presenter: Ron Frisard, AW Chesterton 

For more information, contact Ron Frisard​, Chesterton Field Product Manager - Stationary Equipment Sealing.