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Achieve Low Emissions Sealing & Compliance 

Across Your Entire ​Valve Population 

Chesterton valve sealing specialists work with refineries and chemical plants around the world to achieve reliable emissions sealing in all industrial valve types—from isolation valves to control valves—including those in the toughest of services.  Call on our expert consultants to help you achieve meet requirements and save on valve repair costs.​

Low Emissions/High Temperatures


Chesterton 1622 is an award-winning packing that seals VOC emissions in isolation (block) valves to below current emissions requirements.  1622 meets multiple API and ISO qualifications and comes with a 5-year warranty. Fits a wide range of isolation valvesLearn more.​


Low Emissions / Low Temperature

1724  Low E Kit

Chesterton 1724 Low E Control Valve Kit exceededs EPA VOC emissions requirements. It offers simplified installation (no torque​ wrench required).   With its pre-engineered live-load assemblies, this kit ensures effective long-term sealing.   Learn more.​​​


High Temperature Emissions Control​

5800 Low E Kit​

Chesterton 5800E Low E Control Valve Kit uses Chesterton's unique wedge-shaped, die-formed sealing set with 477-1 braided carbon-end rings. This kit seals fugitive emissions to less than 500ppm and does not require valve replacement.  Learn more.​

​​ Download Chesterton's FREE Ebook Full of Tips to Seal Low E Valves Effectively

Reducing emission levels can be tough, but Chesterton has expertise that can help. This guide will help you succeed in sealing your Low E valves to required levels and help keep profits in your pipes.​

Download now.​
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