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Press Release: 2011 Vaalar Award 1622
Chesterton 1622 LowE Valve Packing Helps Companies Reduce Fugitive Emissions

​​​Groveland, Massachusetts—October 14, 2011​

For over 40 years, CPM has recognized products with this award, named after their long time editor-in-chief, John C. Vaaler. This award recognizes new products and services introduced into the chemical processing industry that dramatically improve plant operations and lower overall operating costs.The biennial award winners are selected from an independent and impartial panel of judges drawn from the chemical industry. Products are evaluated in 12 categories for technological significance, novelty, or uniqueness, and breadth of applicability. Not all categories are always fulfilled.

Chesterton's 1622 Low Emissions Valve Packing has won in the Environmental category for new products reducing pollutants in the chemical and petrochemical industries.​ The award will be presented in November 2011. 

The A.W. Chesterton Company is headquartered in Groveland, MA. Chesterton, with its global distribution network, is a leading international provider of customized programs and solutions that combine expert, hands-on service and support with a comprehensive line of industrial fluid sealing systems, high-performance protective coatings, and specialty industrial maintenance products to most regions around the world. Chesterton's products and programs are specifically designed to help customers lower their total operation cost, increase plant reliability and efficiency, and improve compliance 

Long known for its innovations in fluid sealing, Chesterton has been honored,over the past years, with other Vaaler Awards for mechanical seals and packings. As the industry's regulations change, Chesterton keeps abreast of the important requirements. For example, industrial air pollutant reduction regulations for volatile organic compounds and hazardous air pollutants have been in place for decades. In 2008 the EPA turned the focus of the Clean Air Act toward the  Synthetic Organic Chemical Manufacturing Industries (SOCMI) with enhanced Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR) requirements for these air pollutants. These requirements have reduced allowable valve emissions to as low as 100 ppm and have mandated, under consent, decrees that state that repairs and new valves use a "Low Leak Valve Packing Technology" as a remedy for non-complying valves. 

Chesterton's 1622 meets these new requirements. Chesterton's 1622 Low Emissions Valve Packing is a single spool, metal-reinforced graphite packing suitable for high pressure and temperature applications. 1622 was selected for the Vaaler Award based on having an average emissions rate of 12 ppm per API 622 emissions testing protocol. Additionally, Chesterton's 1622 passed the Chevron Texaco valve emissions protocol and has recently passed ISO 15848-1 testing with a Class B rating. This Class B rating is usually reserved for ptfe-based packings, while graphitic packings usually qualify for the Class C requirements. Chesterton's 1622 is the only graphitic spool packing to achieve the Class B sealing levels to the ISO15848 requirements. This new, easy-to-install packing allows users to reduce valve fugitive emissions below current environmental and regulatory requirements.

Contact Information:

Sharon Raymond
Marketing Communications Manager
A.W. Chesterton Company 

Chesterton 1622 Vaalar Award