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Frequently Asked Questions


Does Chesterton Stationary Equipment Solutions have installation instructions for its products?
We have installation instructions for all our products and in a variety languages. This information is contained on this website on each specific product page. Contact the Chesterton Application team for more assistance

Do I need to use anti-seize? If so, whose and which one?

Using anti-seize on your hardware such as the bolts, nuts and springs assures consistent, even loads are being applied. Anti-seizes are made up of various materials that affect the k nut factor coefficient. These coefficients can range from as low as .11 and increase beyond a dry nut factor value of .20. Chesterton uses their own anti-seizes such as the 772, 783ACR, and 787 for testing to ensure the results are consistent and accurate.


What is the difference between valve packing and pump packing?
Specific packing is designed and manufactured to fit equipment operating parameters. Valve packing is designed to not have any visible leakage and effect a tighter seal between the valve stem and the stationary packing. In the case of pump sealing, the packing is generally designed to allow some leakage between the sleeve and packing to provide lubrication and heat removal due to the rotating sleeve. Some packing is fit for both services.

Can pump and valve packings be used interchangeably?
In general, you can use a pump packing in a valve, but not a valve packing in a pump application. Some packing is specifically designed to be used in either type of equipment. Please Ask an Expert to confirm a non-standard use for a packing.

Are all black packings the same?
No, though they may look alike externally, there can be a wide difference in the material properties and performance.The black material may be carbon, graphite or a graphite coated PTFE material, and within each material there are different impurities and properties associated with performance. Braid styles can also vary and effect performance.

How many rings make up a Style 5800 and 5800E sets? Also, how tall do these sets measure? 
The 5800 set contains 5 graphite die- formed wedge style rings (dfr). The 5800E sets have 5 dfr rings plus 2 additional braided end rings of 477-1 for a combined total set quantity of 7 rings. The 5800 sets will have a stack height measurement of 4 cross-sections tall. The 5800E sets will have a total stack height of 6 cross-sections tall.

How do I calculate the application's cross-sectional (c/s) size and the quantity of rings?
You will need to know a few dimensions such as the shaft diameter or sleeve diameter (I.D.), the box diameter (O.D.), and the stuffing box depth: (c/s) = (O.D - I.D.)/ 2. To calculate the required number of packing rings you will need the stuffing box depth divide by the packing C/S and round to the nearest whole number.

What is the difference between butt and skive cut rings?
A butt cut joint is typically a straight on a piece of packing when the ends are joined.These cuts or joints are primarily used in rotating applications.Skive cut ring joints are cut at a 45 degree angle, these ends will meet up and lay over each other tightly. These type of ring joints are used mostly in valve applications.

Are more packing rings effective in containing process fluids?
Actually the use of more than 5/6 rings in a stuffing box does not provide additional sealing. Testing and performance recognizes 5 rings as the ideal recommendation where possible.

I unpacked 10 rings of packing from the stuffing box, and should only put 5 back. How should I deal with the excess space?

In any equipment with a box depth that exceeds the 5/6 ring recommendation, use a sleeve or bushing to fill up the excess space.


Does Chesterton offer replacement valve packing kits for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM)?
Yes, we do. Chesterton has designed a variety of packing sets using for control valves manufacturers that include Masoneilan, Fisher, Valtek, and Leslie.


I'm concerned about the EPA showing up at my plant looking at valve fugitive emissions. Is there a packing that meets the EPA's limits on fugitive emissions?
Chesterton has developed a single spool Low E Mechanical Packing qualified to the API 622 Test Standard protocol for Emissions Packings (Chesterton 1622 Low E Packing). This packing will meet the Low E emissions requirement of sealing to less than100ppm for 5 years. To learn more Ask an Expert.


Does Chesterton have FDA-compliant packings?
Yes, we do. Chesterton offers three FDA compliant mechanical packings that meet Title 21 CFR: 1725A, 425, and CMS2000FP. Please note: the FDA does not certify food grade mechanical packings.The FDA does have the right to enter the company at any time to audit the processes and the materials to ensure these products are compliant.


Does Chesterton offer sheet gaskets?
Chesterton offers a variety of sheet gasketing that ranges from standard rubber material to the compressed fiber, PTFE's, and graphite types. Contact Chesterton's Applications department for your specific recommendation.

Which sheet gasket thickness is best to use?
Based on our product testing, we advise that thinner is always better. However, the reality of equipment conditions and visual perceptions lead most people use a sheet thickness of a 1/16". You may want to contact the Chesterton Applications department to discuss your particular application.

Does Chesterton offer rigid type gaskets? Chesterton offers three options specialty gaskets that meet this description the Spiral Wound, Camprofile, and Steel Trap gaskets. Each gasket offers distinct benefits for a variety of applications. Contact the Chesterton application's department to discuss your particular application needs.

Does Chesterton have a shelf life on gaskets?
Most all gaskets have an expected shelf-life placed on their materials and proper storage conditions impact these limits. Contact Chesterton Applications team for your particular request.